Kat Cole
COO & President, Focus Brands
Free Session Streaming September 13th at 10:00am EST
Lessons On Growth, Change, And Resilience From A Perpetual Non-Conformist
What you'll learn:
-What it means to be a "serial nonconformist"
-How when "things are good" can also be the most paralyzing times 
-Know where you came from but don’t let it define you 
-The 4 key character attributes of Kat’s matrix model to use for business teams 
-How the power of mentoring and modeling is "the power of possible"
-Developing "hustle muscle"
-Enacting your inner entrepreneur when you don’t own the company 
-Rules to building harmony
-Using a compass vs. a road map
-Practicing the power to pause
Streaming September 12th through September 14th
All of the speakers in the Life By Design, Not By Default Virtual Summit are hand-picked by me. These are my personal mentors and peers, and I have learned something unique from each of them. Their methods, strategies, and ways of looking at the world have inspired my personal growth. My hope is that they can teach and inspire you through this Summit to also live a 'life by design, not by default'.”
–Darrah Brustein, Summit Host
3 Days. 45 Speakers. 20 Hours of Content.
The world's leading authorities will teach you how to intentionally design the life and career you desire... and deserve.
Speakers featured in:
Free Summit Ticket ($497 Value)
June 13 - June 15, 2018
In this 3-Day Virtual Summit, You'll Learn...
  •  How to step out of your comfort zone and into your major vision
  •   How to deal with your inner critics and develop a relationship with yourself
  • The SmartGrowth Formula to grow your business smarter, not harder
  •  The only three steps you need to build a world-class network
  •  One key way to start living in flow and finally stop grinding
  •   How to secure your financial future more easily than you think
  •  The two keys to living a "life by design"
...and much, much more
PLUS you can participate from anywhere in the world!
The whole summit will be streamed online.
I'm Your Host, Darrah Brustein.
I've spent the last decade crafting and integrating my life and work intentionally, not choosing one over the other. I’ve come to learn that my hypothesis was true: you can create a life and a career you love...at the same time...without losing yourself in the process, or succumbing to the fable that you must burn out and sleep when you’re dead.

In the Life By Design, Not By Default Virtual Summit, you will get to learn directly from dozens of my personal mentors and peers who have helped me intentionally design my life.

They will share their methods and strategies on everything from the deep inner work to help you choose the life you want, to building a career that creates the financial freedom you need to choose how you spend your time, to developing a powerful network to support you and your endeavors.

These are the shortcuts to my years of testing. My hope is that my mentors can teach and inspire you through this summit to also live a “life by design, not by default.”
45+ World-Class Sessions Packed Into 3 Days
Day 1: Internal Work & Defining Success for Yourself
Deepak Chopra
NYT Best-Selling Author
Why A Meaningful Life Rests Upon
Developing A Meaningful Self
Ronny Turiaf
NBA Champion & Olympian
From The NBA To The Olympics: Achieving Your Wildest Dreams...And Then Creating New Ones
Tallia Deljou
Co-founder, Mavenly + Co.
Moving Beyond Fear And Into What You Truly Desire
Antonette Montalvo
Community Health Consultant
Daring To Live Life Intentionally And Uncover Your Unique Purpose
Lena Franklin
Mindful Psychotherapist
Meditation And Mindfulness For Real People
Jackie & Justin
Flow Masters & Speakers
The Art And Science Of Living In Flow
...plus 12 more breakout sessions
Day 2: Designing Your Career Or Entrepreneurial Journey
Kat Cole
COO & President, Focus Brands
Lessons On Growth, Change, And Resilience From A Perpetual Non-Conformist
Margo Aaron
Founder, Arena Virtual Coworking
How To Defeat Hustle Guilt:
Getting Your Inner-Gary-Vee To Shut Up
Alex Banayan
Author, The Third Door
The Steps To Achieving A Massive Dream
Demir & Carey Bentley
Founders, Lifehack Bootcamp
Productivity Techniques And Tools To Change Your Life
Virginia Salas Kastilio
Leading Snapchat Influencer
How To Amplify Your Brand And Get Your Sh*t Seen On Social Media
Abhi Gohar
National Radio Host
Create A Business (Not A Job) & Secure Your Financial Future
...plus 12 more breakout sessions
Day 3: Intentional Relationship Building & Networks
Adam Grant
Author, TED Speaker & Wharton Professor
Living A Generous Life And
Making Work More Meaningful
Jen Sincero
#1 NYT Best-Selling Author of You Are a Badass
How To Be A Badass In
Life And With Money
Scott Gerber
Co-author, Superconnector
Stop Being A Networker, Start Being A Connector
Jared Kleinert
"Most-Connected Millennial"
How To Build A World-Class Network In Record Time
Matthew Bivens
Host, Having it A.L.L. Podcast
The New Paradigm Of Love, Sex, And Relationships
Daniel Griggs
Former NFL Player
Choose The Lifestyle You Want,
Then Build A Career Around It
...plus 8 more breakout sessions
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Life By Design, Not By Default Virtual Summit?
A 3 day, entirely online, 45+ speaker summit designed to teach you how to live a fuller, intentionally designed life and career. Each speaker was hand-picked by me (Darrah, your host and summit founder) to help you shortcut my years of testing to finally unlock how to live the life you truly desire, and in turn, better serve the world.
Who should attend the virtual summit?
This is for you if any of the following ring true. You are:

- Tired of chasing other people’s versions of success
- Spinning your wheels and feeling stuck
- Burning out
- Stressed about your bank account balance
- Feeling alone
- Delaying all of your dreams for later, but have no idea when later will actually come
- Worried that your current network isn't helping you become who you really want to be
- Certain that life should feel more full and aligned with your desires
- Unsure what step to take next
Do I have to travel to the Life By Design, Not By Default Virtual Summit?
No! This event is entirely online, so you can watch or listen from wherever (wearing whatever)! All you need to do is register (at no cost), a wifi connection, and a computer.
When can I watch the Virtual Summit sessions?
The virtual summit will air September 12–14, 2018 from 10 am EST to 5 pm EST. Like an in-person conference, there will be a speaker schedule and you can follow along and watch as each session goes live. Each speaker’s video will be live for the remainder of the day when (s)he spoke, so if you miss it by an hour, for example, you can go back and watch it that same day. Each day’s videos will expire same day at midnight.
What if I miss a session or want to watch them later?
Each speaker’s session will be available to view until midnight the day it airs. So, no stress if you miss it at the exact moment it goes live. Tune in before midnight to catch up on all the ones you missed. If you want to watch any of the sessions after they expire, we’ve created the Lifetime Access Pass where you can purchase all of the sessions (45+ speakers, 20+ hours of content) and own them forever.
What if I can’t attend the whole virtual summit?
No stress! Pop in and out as your schedule allows and catch the sessions that most catch your eye. If you want to watch any of the sessions after they expire, we’ve created the Lifetime Access Pass where you can purchase all of the sessions (45+ speakers, 20+ hours of content) and own them forever.
What is a Lifetime Access Pass?
We know that everyone has a lot on their plates and that attending for the entirety of the 3 days might be a challenge. And, we know that there is so much valuable content in every one of the sessions. The Lifetime Access Pass allows you to purchase access to all of the sessions for a lifetime. You can then use it to go back to, like a Masters degree in lifestyle design, at your own pace, whenever you need it.
How much does the summit cost?
During the live event September 12–14, 2018 the summit is absolutely free! So sign up now and share it with your friends.
3 Days
45+ Speakers
Over 20 Hours of Content
Streaming September 12th through September 14th
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