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All of the speakers in the Life By Design, Not By Default Virtual Summit are hand-picked by me. These are my personal mentors and peers, and I have learned something unique from each of them. Their methods, strategies, and ways of looking at the world have inspired my personal growth. My hope is that they can teach and inspire you through this Summit to also live a 'life by design, not by default'.”
–Darrah Brustein, Summit Host
The world's leading authorities will teach you how to intentionally design the life and career you desire... and deserve.

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Here's what the nearly 10K people who participated are saying...
"I can't say that I had ever truly felt the effects of meditation before today's guided meditation. I followed along with Deepak, and when he asked to remember a childhood memory I went back to this day of skipping along the sidewalk and it literally had tears streaming down my face as I recounted the pure joy and freedom of skipping as a kid." 
- Marion Y.

"I just finished the sessions and I'm feeling inspired, awed, encouraged and focused. Thanks for making this possible!"
- Kelsey B.

"I am totally blown away by how awesome this Summit is! I was totally supposed to be here.”
- Neil T.
Speakers featured in:
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June 13 - June 15, 2018
In this FREE Virtual Class, You'll Learn...
  •  How to step out of your comfort zone and into your major vision
  •   How to deal with your inner critics and develop a relationship with yourself
  •  How to develop a meaningful self and a meaningful life
  •  The true role of money 
  •  The power and importance of emotions in your life
  • How to go beneath a restless mind through a BONUS guided meditation
...and much, much more
Plus, you will receive a workbook and a limited time DISCOUNT for the Lifetime Access Pass!
I'm Your Host, Darrah Brustein.
I've spent the last decade crafting and integrating my life and work intentionally, not choosing one over the other. I’ve come to learn that my hypothesis was true: you can create a life and a career you the same time...without losing yourself in the process, or succumbing to the fable that you must burn out and sleep when you’re dead.

In the Life By Design, Not By Default Virtual Summit, you will get to learn directly from dozens of my personal mentors and peers who have helped me intentionally design my life.

They will share their methods and strategies on everything from the deep inner work to help you choose the life you want, to building a career that creates the financial freedom you need to choose how you spend your time, to developing a powerful network to support you and your endeavors.

These are the shortcuts to my years of testing. My hope is that my mentors can teach and inspire you through this summit to also live a “life by design, not by default.”
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Life By Design, Not By Default Virtual Summit?
This Summit includes 45+ speakers and 20 hours of content that went live in September 2018. The sessions are separated into 3 parts, but do not need to be watched in any particular order. This summit was designed to teach you how to live a fuller, intentionally designed life and career. Each speaker was hand-picked by me (Darrah, your host and summit founder) to help you shortcut my years of testing to finally unlock how to live the life you truly desire, and in turn, better serve the world.
Who should attend the virtual summit?
This is for you if any of the following ring true. You are:

- Tired of chasing other people’s versions of success
- Spinning your wheels and feeling stuck
- Burning out
- Stressed about your bank account balance
- Delaying all of your dreams for later, but have no idea when later will actually come
- Worried that your current network isn't helping you become who you really want to be
- Certain that life should feel more full and aligned with your desires
- Unsure what step to take next
How long will I have access to the free session?
The free session will be available for you to watch for 10 days. After that period, it will exclusively be a part of the Lifetime Access Pass.
The Lifetime Access Pass allows you to purchase access to all of the sessions forever. You can then use it to go back to, like a Masters degree in lifestyle design, at your own pace, whenever you need it.
Will another Life By Design, Not By Default Virtual Summit take place?
There are no plans for another Life By Design, Not By Default Virtual Summit. The Lifetime Access Pass is the only way that you can get complete access to the speaker content.
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